Photos From The Launch Event For “Once”

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A promise is a promise, there you have the pictures from the launch event for “Once”.

To begin with, publisher Carmen Galusso introduces the ones sitting at the table. Then she talks about the way we worked together up to that date.

Foto Once 1

Secondly, literature teacher Fabián Severo offers up an excellent critical speech. It is the first time that I listen to a qualified person commenting on my book, and I am enthralled as I see which verses and lines he highlights. You can read his full speech here.

Foto Once 2

In third place, speech therapist Alejandro de Barbieri Sabatino reads the book’s prologue and three poems that he kindly accepted reading on my behalf.

Foto Once 3

Foto Once 4

Finally, it is my turn to speak. It is a very special moment, as I am surrounded by all my loved ones. It is a frankly moving experience. You can read my full speech here.

Foto Once 5
As a scoop, I can confirm that my first book of English compositions will come out at the end of 2010, or at the start of 2011. It is already finished, but the public has to assimilate “Once” first.

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