Month In Review – March 2011

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on April 1, 2011

Rebecca Black was the invariable focus of attention for a good part of March. Her sudden rise to fame, the questionable quality of her song “Friday”, the polarised (and highly-charged) reactions that it caused (including some surprising covers)… it was recently announced that “Friday” has become the most hated song ever. If anything, these events show us that nowhere are the definitions of what is acceptable and what is not modified as quickly as on the Internet.

Of course, I also found time to keep on writing about artists from my country, Uruguay. On March, I wrote a really moving piece about the debut album by Laura Chinelli, “Historias De Invierno”. And I also covered the release of Picnic’s debut EP, “Amigos Imaginarios”. Check the review – it comes with a download link.

Finally, the music startups that I covered were, Music Lunge, and Find You Some Vinyl. If all goes well, on April I am publishing interviews with Find You Some Vinyl’s Lucas Hravobsky and Music Lunge’s. Sergio Giles. And I’m also starting a feature in which I’m interviewing Uruguayan artists that have taken residence in foreign countries (or plan to do so soon), and foreigners that have come to Uruguay to nurture their art. I’m going to interview people who are really passionate about what they do, and I’m sure I will be able to show you what makes this country and all its people so special.

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