Month In Review – November 2009

Obviously, the star of this month for me was the release of my first book of poetry and words for music, “Once”. You can read what literature teacher Fabián Severo had to say about it at the launch event here, and also my own speech by following this link.

When it came to artists added to the blog, these included Television and The Dukes Of Stratosphear. The review of Television’s debut (“Marquee Moon”) has actually become one of the most popular posts of MusicKO, and I am very proud of that article on a personal level.

Some compilations that were reviewed during November included Joy Division’s “Best Of” and Emmylou Harris’ “Heartaches & Highways” – another review I am very proud of.

For its part, artists like The Jam and XTC saw a lot of action in the penultimate month of the year. And a personal favorite of mine (Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy”) was reviewed as well.

I would like to thank the entrepreneurs that accepted being interviewed last month. In no particular order, they are Dan Dabnell (from Songstall) and William Rodríguez (from Tweet My Song).

On December I am going to add a new set of artists to MusicKO – the queue is long and it includes Pink Floyd, REM, They Might Be Giants… And it is very likely that I will get down to featuring short reviews of some Uruguayan acts. I think people elsewhere deserve to know a little about the local scene, and bands here will appreciate having the chance of reaching out to a wider audience.

Stay tuned for more!