Wanabez – Where New Talent Is Discovered


Name: Wanabez
URL: http://www.wanabez.com

The meteoric success of artists like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga has opened everybody’s eyes to the role the Internet can play in a musical career, and Wanabez is here to let singers and instrumentalists have a fairer chance of being discovered.

Wanabez is a brand-new video portal for aspiring musicians, a place that is comparable to a version of YouTube in which only videos of people looking for the big break are uploaded.

Just like YouTube, Wanabez can be used for free. And the videos that are uploaded can be commented and rated by just anybody – site visitors, other performers, industry folks who stumble upon them…

Besides, since videos can be sorted both by rating and by the number of comments they have received finding the most promising acts is a much easier task. Any person looking for emerging talent can visualize only those that have received the highest qualifications, and avoid having to sit through one band after the other of fifteen year olds doing their own versions of “Whole Lotta Lovin'” with the divine conviction that they are incendiary, when they are just a good couple of light years from getting anywhere near the mark.

It is said on the site that video contests will begin being hosted soon. That is something to watch out for, and a feature that will certainly give Wanabez a much unique feel. Because as it stands right now, it is nothing but a YouTube for aspiring musicians. That is not a bad thing, of course. But the site can clearly be so much more. Hopefully, it will begin realizing that potential shortly, and the addition of contests will be the first of many additions to come.