Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (The Goo Goo Dolls) – Compilation Album

The Cover Of The Compliation

The Cover Of The Compliation

If you have already gone through the general introduction I penned yesterday, you know I bought this CD more or less accidentally and how it hit me like nothing else the moment it started playing.

This compilation focuses on the Goo Goo Dolls’ commercial peak, heralded by the smash song “Iris” from the movie “City Of Angels” and the album “Dizzy Up The Girl” up to the song “Before It’s Too Late” from Michael Bay’s debatable big-screen adaptation of the classic 80s’ show “Transformers”. Three albums are covered: “Dizzy Up The Girl”, “Gutterflower” and “Let Love In”. These are albums that more or less follow the pattern set down by a song that was originally featured on the album called “A Boy Named Goo” (1995), and which was entitled “Name”. It was their first successful excursion into a territory much mellower than what many fans were accustomed to, and it signaled the commencement of their surge in popularity. That song has been re-recorded for inclusion on this compilation. There is not really that much of a departure – the role the acoustic guitar plays out is the only noticeable difference between the old and the new version of “Name”.

The Dolls’ other big it alongside “Iris” is included here as well. It is a number called “Slide”, and it is a quintessential “mature” Goo Goo Dolls’ composition. It has an introduction played on an acoustic guitar, a nice build up and choruses were the intensity peaks. The lyrics deal with the uncertainty of love, and showcase the singer’s determination to fight for what he feels it is right in a world where moments seem to pass everybody by.

Besides “Name”, another song which is different from its original album counterpart is “Feel The Silence”. The song has been remixed, but only connoisseurs will take that much notice.

I frankly adore the album from A to Z, and in addition to all the songs mentioned above I carry a torch for “Let Love In” and “Big Machine”. I also like “Broadway” if only because the energy stakes are a little higher than on the rest of the album, and Robby’s vocals are so well-timed.

The voice you will hear throughout the disc, incidentally, is John’s. Robby sings very few of their signature tunes, but his contribution to the sound of their albums is something that should never be dismissed.

I have grown so attached to this band that I have to recommend this album to you in the strongest possible terms. If you ever caught “Iris”, “Slide” or “Name” on the radio (and I know you did it) you already know what to expect. If you did not like them, this compilation album is just not for you. But if you did like them, buying it is a definitive start on the right foot.

Would I recommend purchase of this compilation: Yes
Do I feel like digging deeper into their catalog after listening to it: Yes

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