Month In Review – April 2010

This was a terrific month because I started my coverage of unsigned Uruguayan musicians with two posts on the band “Cínica”. The first one is an interview/profile, and the other is my own take on their music. I encourage you to give both a good look, and start learning more about what it’s like for bands in a part of the world that is probably very far away from where you live. In the end, I think you will agree that the same fire, ideals and ambition characterizes young musicians everywhere.

On the other hand, the coverage of classic artists continues with The Band being the most recent addition to MusicKO. I covered their timeless eponymous record here. Look for reviews of “Music From Big Pink” and the rest soon!

The music startups covered in April included iMusicTweet, Songr,, SingAndStudy and Earwurm.  

And during the past month I managed to conduct a lot of interviews. Interviewees included Adam Cameron (iMusicTweet), Kyle Jenkins (Songr), Ryan Fyfe ( and Alexander Parij (SingAndStudy).

Finally, I’d like you to check a feature named “The Most Moving Performances In Music”. I have added five myself – a mix of live performances and music videos. I am interested in what others could add to the list, so if you want to suggest something please do it!