Month In Review – August 2009

Looking back now I must admit I am very happy and reasonably optimistic ever since I officially launched MusicKO at the beginning of August.

Two events of note were being featured on Killer Startups and Startup Meme. My regards to Roger and Sardar respectively for their honest reviews.

Some of the post I wrote elicited a very positive response and these posts in particular are among the most popular so far:

Placebo – Once More With Feeling

The Clash (the introduction and the reviews of their debut album)

The Sex Pistols (again, the introduction and the review of their one “true” release)

Eddie Rabbit: Greatest Hits

And the post that has been more popular so far:

The Allman Brothers Band: A Decade Of Music

I was also lucky enough to conduct several interviews with founders and CEOs of very different startups. I also managed to interview the head of a music group in the States. I would like to send out my warmest regards for the time they devoted to answering my questions to (in no particular order) Rex Benson, Wil Padley, Henry Bueno, Nadav Poraz and Marco from Filtersage. Also, a big note of gratitude to their respective assistants for being so keen and committed.

I am yet to add the “My Own Music” category. I am waiting for you guys to become more involved with the blog and leave more comments. Also, don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter @MusicKOBlog.

Finally, a big “thank you” to all the people who is devoting their time and energy into making this blog reach a wider public. I do hope it eventually becomes a meting point for those that want to know more about the music that means everything to them.

See you around!