Month In Review – February 2010

Not that it was planned or anything, but February turned out to be Oasis’ month. The month saw the review of “Definitely Maybe”, “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?”, “Be Here Now”, “The Masterplan” and “Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants” almost consecutively. As I explain on the reviews (and on the general introduction) I had given up entirely on the Manchester band a long time ago, but I finally realized it was only fair to review those albums of theirs I had purchased. I listened to them incessantly when I was younger, and they gave me the resolve to push forwards more than once. And I also reviewed Lee Henshaw’s book on the band.

The other addition to the main category of artists was Tom Petty. I have already reviewed his classic 1979 record “Damn The Torpedoes”. Look for more very soon!

The startups I reviewed this month included DemoHero, Lyrics Training and Songbright.

A movie I was very keen on reviewing finally received that treatment: “August Rush”. In case you know nothing about it, it is the closest we have to a modern-day fairytale. Give the review a look, and see if it is something you would enjoy watching or not.   

These are two reviews that have gone down very well with readers of MusicKO: Pete Townshend’s “All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes” and “The Iron Man”. Besides, I was very pleased to feature a really good band from my country on the blog, “Lapso”. I reviewed their second album (“Días Lúcidos”) here.

And I uploaded more photos from the launch event for “Once”, too. Check them out!

Finally, I posted a video of XTC’s final performance (complete with Andy leaving the stage in a panic) here. It is a bit unsettling, to be frank, but for fans of the band it is mandatory.