Month In Review – January 2010

I started the new year in the best possible way by adding R.E.M. and Pete Townshend to the main list of artists featured in MusicKO. “Out Of Time”, “Automatic For The People” and “Monster” have already been reviewed, whereas fans of The Who’s unique composer should check what I had to say about “Who Came First”, “Rough Mix” and “Empty Glass”. And the best is yet to come…

I also started reviewing music movies, with the brilliant “Once” being the first addition to what I sincerely believe will become a different section of the blog.

Startups reviewed this month included Digiclef, The Sixty One,, Jamendo and Spotiseek. An additional note of gratitude to Ian Cox from Digiclef and Kristofer from Spotiseek for accepting being interviewed.

At last, I managed to review one of my favorite compilations ever: Soul Asylum’s “Black Gold”. And check the post about my favorite music moments in anime. I had wanted to do that for a long, long time too.

Finally, when reviewing XTC’s “Wasp Star” I penned what I consider a moving conclusion regarding XTC’s career and the role that they have played. I’d like to ask you to please read it and add your own insight in the “Comments” section.