Month In Review – October 2010

I am in a bit of a rollercoaster right now, what with my second book of poetry (“Ten”) being published in two weeks’ time. Still, there is no way I could stop updating the blog regularly. I am more enthusiastic than ever, I can tell you.

I am sad didn’t find the time to add Radiohead to the list of featured artists, but that will be seen to before the current week ends. Still, I managed to write a very fine review of The Clash’s “Combat Rock” along with Elton John’s “A Single Man” and the “The Kids Are Alright” OST by you-know-who.

I did also review as many startups as any other month. Check them out here: Bender Converter, Clean Tab, Joy Tunes and Wanabez.

And there was no shortage of interviews either. I talked with John Jones from BuyWidget (a startup I had actually reviewed a long time ago), and Rob McCullough from Clean Tab.

The one Uruguayan unsigned artist that was included in October was Conkistadores, from the City of Maldonado. A very cool band, they are making their live debut at La Comuna the same week I unveil “Ten” to the public.

I can already tell you that in November I am writing about Gustavo Doorman, a Uruguayan musician who is very popular not only here but also in Argentina and in the South of Brazil. His first album (“Supermal”) will be reviewed this week, and I am also publishing a juicy interview for you to read.

And I don’t have to tell you that this month I am keeping you posted on the release of “Ten”.

Like Modern English sang, “it’s getting better all the time”…