Month In Review – September 2010

Lots of interesting news and events were covered this month, including the launch of Ping (and the initial outcome of its fight for supremacy), MTV’s new-found popularity and the original ad for Google Instant (and the parodies it gave birth to). I also wrote about two soundtrack albums that are certainly not going unnoticed: “The Social Network” (Trent Reznor) and “Tron” (Daft Punk).

Chris Rea was the new artist added to the blog, and Lucas Meyer was the one Uruguayan artist I wrote about in September. I reviewed his album “Un Accidente Feliz” (issued by Esquizodelia Records) here.

Featured startups included (the closest thing so far to a Pandora for music blogs) and Flasbck (a cool way to let others see gigs the very same way you saw them – I also managed to interview Mark Williamson, his co-founder). Besides, I reviewed a site named that basically lets you stream full albums for free.

And I still cry with laughter when I watch the “The Worst Cover Band In The World” video. I haven’t stopped wondering whether that “rehearsal video” is genuine or not. But I must say I fear the worst…