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Name: All Guitar Chords

Looking back at the resources for musicians and music lovers I have covered so far I realize that I have not featured a single one that teaches people how to play an instrument. There is a good reason for that – I believe that playing an instrument (any instrument) is something innate. Still, a helping hand does not go amiss, and the site I am reviewing now is as good as any other to these effects.

In this particular case, it all revolves around guitar chords and scales. More than 200 of the former and 80 of the latter are featured for you to start emulating David Gilmour. Well, maybe not, but these are enough chords to play any song within the repertoire of The Kinks, The Jam or The Who.

The site itself has a ton of drop down boxes letting you go from normal to split chords right away, and you can always activate the provided metronome to ensure you are keeping time as impeccably as Charlie Watts.

Besides, the website features a glossary and links to sites where you can find video lessons to hone your skills.

As I said at the beginning, sites such as this one can give you a helping hand and nothing else. But I am speaking based solely on my personal experience. Sites like this one couldn’t make a difference when I tried to learn guitar. But they might make a difference for others, and that is why I felt that at least one site like All Guitar Chords was worth being featured here and shared with you all.

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  1. You need to learn guitar scales because they are your key to understanding the guitar fretboard. You really need to learn your way around the notes on the guitar so that you can give your playing some depth and variety. Take the major scale for example. The do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do you learnt when you were a kid. If you can find that scale in any key in any part of the fretboard, you have control over the music and you are not restricted to the basic open chords and the notes in the first position you learnt as novice guitarist.

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