Isle Of Tune – Where The Streets Have No Name, But Can Create Music


Name: Isle Of Tune

This is as bizarre as it is endearing. Isle Of Tune is for all the people who love music but can’t even play the triangle. On this site, they will be able to come up with songs… by building a city! No kidding.

Isle Of Tune works by having you place elements such buildings, street lamps and trees that actually double as musical instruments (!). That is, once they are in position, these instruments will be played by all the cars that drive past them.

And as it is only fit for a site that sees release in the age of Facebook, anything that you have created can be shared with your friends. They will be able to sample it to the full, and tell you whether it makes them think of Street Spirit, or whether it reminds them of Dead End Street.

Hopefully, the many loops and presets that are provided will bring the former to mind. Otherwise… nothing will save you from the ball and chain!