Musefy – A New Social Network For Musicians


Name: Musefy

This is a new network that is solely devoted to musicians. In fact, the site is so new that it is still in alpha. If you have a band that is missing one or two components, here you can place an ad and see profiles that are a good match. On the other hand, if you are on your own and would like to join a band then here you will be able to see if you can make strides towards fulfilling your musical vision.

Also, features for building up bonds with fans are underway. These will include the ability to engage them through sites like Facebook and so on. That is only logical – the obvious step after having the lineup in place is having somebody to play to, and somebody that is receptive and loyal at that. 

Many famous bands all have some splendid stories about the way they met. Take Keith Moon’s initial audition for The Who. It is legendary, and the fact that it is still repeated as gospel truth notwithstanding the fact that it is most likely a falsehood just highlights how willing fans are to see myths where there is nothing grandiose at all.

Social sites like this one obviously will put an end to that. There is nothing glorious in hooking up through the WWW. That is the only negative thing I have to say about networks for musicians. They are excellent from every other angle, as they let any band get going and even keep in touch over long distances. That sure beats a “mythological” meeting of the members of the band (IE, a meeting that 8 times out of 10 is either fabricated or aggrandized). Networks make it possible for band members to communicate and be in touch around the clock, and strengthen the bonds that are the true key to success. Having the right material to perform is only a minor part of the scheme of things, and I am sadly speaking from experience.

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  1. Hi MusicKO, thank you for the review of Musefy, I’m glad you found the concept helpful to musicians, since that’s what I hope Musefy to be. I do feel bad about taking that “mythical meeting” away from musicians though 🙁 so I think down the line I’m going to include a “Grandiose Meeting Generator” lol. Anyways, there’s still much more work to be build on top of Alpha, so please check back often.

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