– Stream Full Albums For Free & Learn How Good They Really Are

Name: MusicLink

MusicLink is a free service for the streaming of full albums. Love the “California Gurls” single by Katy Perry, but wonder if “Teenage Dream” is any good? Can’t get enough of “Only by The Night” by Kings Of Leon and want to know if “Come Around Sundown” lives up to its predecessor? Well, MusicLink makes that easy. You just search for the concerned album, and once you have found it you can proceed to give it a good listen online. You won’t have to download anything. And you won’t have to sign up either.

Just in case you are wondering, MusicLink is as legal as a service of this nature can be because it is powered by Grooveshark. As you know, Grooveshark is a streaming service that was founded in 2006, and which caused the same controversy that sites like YouTube caused when they began gaining preeminence. Yet, Grooveshark has slowly been scoring licensing deals with many major labels such as EMI.

Some labels such as Universal are still wary of the service, and some artists like Pink Floyd have had their music successfully pulled from the database. But a site like Grooveshark is (slowly) positioning itself as one of the main resources for legal music on the Web. And that makes a service like MusicLink even more solid, in the end.

And note that if all you want to do is educate some new (and young) friends and let them know more about the bands you have grown up with, then this site will be every bit as useful. Its potential goes well beyond trying albums before you buy them. Any rock & roll classic is sure to be found here.