Ooizit – A Social Networking Site For Musicians In The United Kingdom


Name: Ooizit
URL: http://www.ooizit.com

You might wonder why are new social networks for musicians still being released when we have resources like MySpace available, and you have a point. But you must understand that to people located in specific parts of the world, the idea of networking locally is attractive by definition. That is, if they know the ones who are found within a given network share at least a certain geographical proximity, it is all the more enticing. The WWW has brought a whole elasticity when it comes to collaborating with others, yet if we were given the choice of collaborating over the Internet and doing it face to face then we all know which way we’d go.

That introduction was necessary in order to make analyzing Oozit a smoother task. You see, it is a social networking site for musicians who are located in the United Kingdom. Here, they can upload their music, interact with colleagues and generally build up strong online bonds that can eventually lead to stronger offscreen relationships. Besides, they can work on their followers and nurture the crucial fan-musician relationship that lies at the heart of true transcendence.

The most appealing aspect of the site might be that there is a (paid) package that will let you take an assertive role and actually sell your music, keeping your royalties to yourself. A sales team is provided for support, and so are promotional tools.

Obviously, living at the opposite end of the world I can’t check how well that works (or not) but it sounds like a good feature, at least on paper. I would like to ask any of you that gets the chance to use it to volunteer his feedback for the benefit of everybody. How did this local network work out for you?  Do you think it can displace other social sites, or will it fade along the way?