SongVote – Ensuring The Right Music Will Be Played At Your Party


Name: SongVote

It is never easy to get the music right when you are hosting a party. You might know your friends’ tastes from front to back, but what happens if someone brings a friend who is not really into the music you programmed so diligently? Nobody is saying that if a friend’s date is mad about Rihanna you should pump her albums all through the night, but including a hit of hers like “SOS” or “Umbrella” would probably help break the ice by providing a topic for conversation.

The question is, how can you know exactly what music does that kind of guest like? It turns out the answer is not that hard to come by. This new startup (name SongVote) lets you poll every attendee and find out exactly what songs they would like to listen to during the party, at least once.

Besides, this can be used in other contexts. Imagine you want to determine which ones were the best ballads of the ‘80s, or the most unjustly forgotten songs by the Everly Brothers. You can create a poll and find it out quite easily.  

I think this service is not only original but also very useful. Well, unless the person who organizes the party is someone like me and he blasts Who song after Who song into the wee hours no matter the tastes of the people that did attend. Leaving that unfortunate case aside, I am sure that mostly everybody will put this to good use.

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