Tubeoke – Where YouTube Becomes A Karaoke


Name: Tubeoke

This is the kind of site that with some work could become notably more appealing. As it stands right now, it lets you turn YouTube into a (very) basic karaoke. You look up the song (or the artist), and upon picking a video it is played back at you while a second window (situated on the right) displays the lyrics to go with the song.

The idea is simplicity in itself, and the approach so far is nothing to go out of your way for. However, it can turn out to be exponentially good if the lyrics became an integral part of the video and were displayed automatically as the song went on. As it stands right now, you have to scroll them down in mid song, and if you don’t have a lackey at your beck and call to do the dirty job then it’s goodbye inspiration and concentration.

I understand that the task of synchronizing everything up is no piece of cake, if only because there are endless live versions/demos/alternate takes populating YouTube. But what about using only videos from official channels? That reduces the margin of error all the way to zero.

As I said at the beginning, I am reasonably spiked by a tool like this one. Any music nut is going to be, as the potential for tomfoolery at the expense of your heroes has no boundaries. I hope the programmer develops it further beyond this point.

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