Play Along And Jam… With A Robot!

Many people are known to use the expression “robotic drumming” when talking about 80s music. They might like to reconsider after watching this video that has surfaced recently on YouTube:

There is not a lot more that could be said. While nobody would mistake this little automated fella (named “Shimon”) for the next Stewart Copeland, it certainly does it bit.

And it not only plays according to order (by way of the provided iPhone app), but it can also improvise on top of what other band members are playing. And as if that wasn’t enough, the robot can even do its own choreographies.

As I said above, this will not put the Clem Burkes of the world out of business. But if you are in a group in which you are all beginners and the drummer is truly an odd man out, something like this could give you an excellent excuse to give him his walking papers when it becomes widely available and more refined.