“London Eye”, The First Promotional Video By The Blueberries Is Released

The Blueberries onstage. Left to right: Andrés Jaureguy; Virginia Álvarez, Ernesto Pasarisa and Fede Fromhell.

The Blueberries have just issued their first promotional video. That honor was bestowed on the song “London Eye”, the track which opens their eponymous debut. (Profiled on MusicKO here; free download here.)

The video is shot in and about Montevideo’s Parque Rodó, our national airport (shown at the end) and some locations of unspecified source.

And yes, I’m aware that “some locations of unspecified source” is the most bizarre way of saying you haven’t got the foggiest idea where some place is.

I must say I never thought you could play guitar with a smoke in the hand like Ernesto does on the clip… I was amazed enough with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers playing “The Waiting” with their instruments unplugged!

And I thought I was a terrific air drummer! I have to befriend Fede Fromhell on Facebook, we’re becoming soul mates for sure…