Uruguayan Unsigned Artists – General Introduction


It is often said that Uruguay is a country brimming with talent, and that not enough outlets for such creativity exist within its reduced geographical boundaries. I don’t know if the word “brimming” is 100 % accurate, but I can tell you that based on the bands I have worked with and the musicians I have met as I did the rounds, there is a significant share of talent that is not actually on anybody’s radar.

I have decided to start this section within MusicKO in order to give these voices that might go unheeded otherwise a spot where they can communicate what they do, what they believe in and what they angle for.

The only requisites for being listed here are:

1)    Being an Uruguayan artist
2)    Not being signed to any label within the country
3)    Having recorded at least four demos (for me to evaluate)

If you meet these criteria, you can get in touch with me. The address is (garbled on purpose):

emiliomusicko [at] gmail [dot] com

Although my favorite genres are rock, pop and punk I am more than willing to listen to other styles.

I will try and feature one or two “new” bands per week.