Love Me Like The World Is Ending (Ben Lee) – Video

Ben Lee

Ben Lee

I have just discovered this Australian artist, and I am certainly going to explore his discography further. His name is Ben Lee, and I caught wind of him thanks to his song “Love Me Like The World Is Ending”. That song was featured twice on one of the best shows I have watched recently, “Life Unexpected”. It was used to open chapters one and thirteen – the season’s premiere and finale.

The guy has got an incredible way with language, and he has achieved an equilibrium that I find extremely rare. He can play with words elegantly, and he can convey sentiments plaintively in equal measures. In short: he was perfect for a show like “Life Unexpected”, what with the story focusing on the complexities of life and the simple way in which love can solve just anything.

The song “Love Me Like The World Is Ending” exemplifies that perfectly. I am going to order both “Awake Is The New and Sleep” and “Ripe”. But if you are already acquainted with Ben and you think I should start elsewhere, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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