Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits (1972) – Compilation Album

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on June 30, 2009

This Is The Cover Of The LP. The CD Is The Same But Does Not List The Tracks.

This Is The Cover Of The LP. The CD Cover Is The Same Except That It Does Not List The Tracks On The Left.

Being a lyricist, I was always interested in Simon & Garfunkel. I intended to buy the two-disc “Essential” and when I failed to find it I went for this single-disc compilation. And you know, I think it was a good rush move if I ever made one.

This was the first Simon & Garfunkel compilation ever released. Columbia Records issued it in 1972, and the fact that it is still in print can be attributed to the inclusion of live versions and rare takes you can not find anywhere else. For instance, several live cuts come from a reunion concert that took place the year the album was released, whereas I understand that the version of “America” available here is a rarity.

The main asset of the album is its conciseness: it clocks at 45:00, all the monster hits are featured, and it never meanders or loses focus. It leaves you wanting to rush out and get your hands on any piece of vinyl or CD that reads “Simon & Garfunkel”, and I think that is a heartfelt recommendation indeed.

I have read that the sound quality is substandard when compared to other compilations and even the original studio albums. Since I haven’t listened to those I can not comment on that, yet I can confirm that the sound is kind of low, and that I have listen to the CD at a higher volume than I usually do.

Simon & Gartfunkel’s songs are a bit like Longfellow’s poems: everybody knows them, and everybody can sign along to them. They are part of our culture. And, you know, maybe they even helped define it. To me, these compositions embody virtually every positive aspect of not only 60’s music, but of music as an art form that does not stoop to tomfoolery or aggressiveness to elicit a response. I find this an excellent entry point into their catalog. I eagerly look forwards to listening to their individual albums.

Would I recommend purchase of this compilation: Yes
Do I feel like digging deeper into their catalog after listening to it: Yes

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