Thomas Veitch (The Melody Master) – Interview (Part 2)

This is the second part of the conversation I had with Thomas Veitch from The Melody Master. In case you haven’t done so already, read the first part here.



When did you become interested in music? What was the first album or single you ever purchased?

Growing up in Manchester in the Madchester early 90s era, I got really into bands like Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets. My first purchase though was when I was a kid, and that was Ghostbusers.

Are you in a band yourself, or have you been in a band in the past? Is there a clip on YouTube or elsewhere we could watch?

I was in a band called Survival. It didn’t survive very long and didn’t make it out of the bedroom.

Musical likes and dislikes? Favorite artists?

I like any genre or type so long as it’s got energy and a cachy tune. Los de Abajo, Little Barrie, Fats Waller, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Arctic Monkeys, Profokiev.

I can’t stand wishy washy dreary music which makes you fall asleep.

If you had to name the song that moves you the most, what would it be? Can you pinpoint the reason why?

Changes all the time depending on my mood and how old I was. When I was breaking up with one girlfriend I loved ‘A Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed. Total Despair.

Is there a song that – to you – captures the spirit of your startup and what you have set out to do? What would it be?

No. That would be too cheesy!

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