My Favorite Music Moments In Anime

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on January 24, 2010

The Opening and the Ending of Zegapain

One of my best-loved anime alongside Evangelion and RahXephon, Zegapain has one of the most outstanding soundtracks I have ever come across. Even the show detractors wholly agree that the opening and the ending are superlative. The show is not that engaging on first looks since the writers took their time to establish everything, but I think that it really paid off – you become completely immersed without even knowing, and when the series hits full stride (episode 14)… mamma mia.

The opening is called “Kimi E Mukau Hikari (“The Light That Faces You”) and the ending is “Little Goodbye”. The former is sung by Akino Aria, and the latter is done by Rocky Chack. Amazing. Both easily top my list of favorite music moments in anime.

Suzumiya Haruhi Plays At The Live Alive

Episode 12 of the groundbreaking anime. It is the school festival, and the pop group ENOZ has lost 2 members hours before they are set to hit the stage. The hyperkinetic Haruhi volunteers her help, and drags Yuki Nagato along for the gig. In her bunny and witch attires respectively, they win over the audience and rock the event.

This is the first song they perform, “God Knows”.

The Ending of Clannad

Clannad’s ending is the charming “Dango Daikazoku” (“Big Dango Family”). It fits the show so well, and it is featured so cleverly through the series that I find it hard to even think somebody won’t fall in love with the song and hum “Dango, dango, dango…” during a day or two.

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