A New Category Is Added To MusicKO

I am adding a new category today. It is named “Resources For Musicians”, and it will be conformed by small reviews and commentary of sites found on the web that I am sure will appeal to every person who is even vaguely interested in music.

The Internet is just phenomenal. You can not only find whatever you might need music-wise but nowadays most services fall under the “SaaS” umbrella term. That means “Software as a Service”, and the expression refers to applications and tool that are hosted online. That is, you don’t have to download anything in order to put them into action. And since it is all on the Net, you can access them from anyplace a web-enabled computer (or device) is available.

Another concept that I would like to introduce you to is that of “freemium”. Basically, a freemium service is one rendered for free in principle, but which becomes a paid service if you want to unlock certain (advanced) features.

The vast majority of the sites I will include here are both web-hosted and free to start with. I will let you know if otherwise.

I hope you find these sites as useful and interesting as I did, and that they help you make more and better music. And if you want to suggest a site of your own, let me know and I will consider it!