Creating Jazz Music From Random YouTube Videos

No, I'm not stoned. That's an actual screenshot of the site!

And now, your weekly dose of madness on MusicKO…

Quite a curious site, YouTube Free Jazz can take random YouTube videos and use them to create sonic collages. The idea is that these should resemble the kind of music one can listen to when attending any outdoors Jazz concert.

That’s in theory. In practice, the site seems to create an almighty racket and little else. Only sporadically does it sound like Jazz. Hey, and I know what I’m talking about! I reviewed a social network for Jazz lovers recently, so I know what I’m on! And I even interviewed its creator.

Speaking of which, YouTube Free Jazz was built by a David Kraftsow, famous for creating a first person version of Tetris (which actually means businesses) and another music-oriented service that turns YouTube videos into parties. You might find these good or not, but you can’t accuse David of not thinking originally.