Lady Gaga Becomes The New Queen Of Twitter

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on August 25, 2010

Lady Gaga Is Now The New Queen Of Twitter

Lady Gaga Is Now The New Queen Of Twitter

Acrimony arose when Britney Spears became the most popular Twitter user ever, displacing Ashton Kutcher in the process. Like him or loathe him, Kutcher has always offered fans a personalized experience, answering their queries himself and interacting with them on a tangible way. On the contrary, Britney’s Twitter account has always been the kind that is kept by a marketing team from day one.

Well, Britney’s reign as the Queen of Twitter is over. She has just been toppled by Lady Gaga. How much of an improvement is that? Not that much, to be frank. But at least she is more engaging than Britney.

And we shouldn’t really complain – by the looks of it, Lady Gaga will be dethroned before too long.

Justin Bieber is racing his way to the top.


As the Goo Goo Dolls sang, “I wanna bulletproof myself”.

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