Month In Review – November 2010

One year after having issued my first book of poetry (“Once”) I have now released a new volume: “Ten”. Which is just suitable, especially when you take into account that “Ten” is the prequel to “Once”, and that the events described there happen one year before the events described on “Once”. Both books have been published by Rumbo Editorial.

I have obviously posted some poems from the book (here and here), along with a handful of pictures. I am posting plenty more soon.

As far as additions to the blog are concerned, the inclusion of Radiohead to the list of featured artists has been a significant one. You can read the general introduction here, and then what I have to say about “Pablo Honey” here.

The startups I wrote about during the month included TuneCrank, Bud To Bud and Durocast. And both Bryce Clemmer and Elliot Swan from Durocast found the time to sit down for an interview, too.

On December I hope to review a lot of Uruguayan acts, both signed and unsigned. That will be a great way to send off the year!