MTV Is Searching For Its Official Twitter DJ

Do you remember MTV’s “Wanna Be A VJ” show? If you do, then I am sure you will find the latest tournament hosted by the network interesting. It revolves around the search of a DJ for its Twitter stream. This is going to be called as a TJ (“Twitter Jockey”) and 20 candidates are going to vie for the coveted prize.

The competition is obviously going to take place online, and the big finale will take the shape of a live show to be broadcast on August 8. The audience will pick the winner right there and then.

The TJ will then be online at all times, although he won’t have the same degree of exposition that VJs used to have. At any rate, the TJ will attend events and even receive a six-figure salary. Not bad for coming up with 140-word updates, wouldn’t you say?

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