MusicKO Launches!

Today, Tuesday the 4th of August (2009) MusicKO officially launches.

Thank you so much to all the people who are already regular readers and who are posting comments.

Expect a lot of surprises and new features over the coming days.

Remember, this is our space to discuss music, what it means to us and how it motivates us to do better!

Comment and participate! And share the word!

See you around,


2 thoughts on “MusicKO Launches!

  1. Hey Emi!!: I´m the first one who posted a comment! that´s because I´m Maddy Glam!! hahahaha!!
    I gotta say, I totally admire the way you can write in english! I´m such a loser compared to you! hahahahaha!!
    Ok, hey! I cannot see my Bastian Bach or my Poison guys in your page! that´s why it´s obviously yours…haha!!
    I can´t get yet what this page is good for, but I´m glad you made it! haha! See you soon! I hope! Love you!! MADDY GLAM!!

    • Hey there!
      Thanks for your comment!
      Bastian Bach? Poison?… just give me some time… ; )
      This blog is for all music lovers out there, it is for everybody
      to hang out, have new insights into the bands he or she likes
      and discover new artists in the process.
      It also gathers reviews of sites that musicians could find useful.
      Thanks a lot MaddyGlam, see you around!

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