Spotify Will Begin Limiting The Free Streaming Of Music

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on April 20, 2011

Beginning In May, Spotify Will Put Some Serious Limitations On The Free Streaming Of Music

Beginning In May, Spotify Will Put Some Serious Limitations On The Free Streaming Of Music

People outside of the US resort to Spotify to satisfy their musical cravings time and again. Which makes just too much sense, really – it is a free streaming service that gives you access to the best music around, right as it surfaces.

However, Spotify recently announced a series of measures that (to all intent and purposes) will translate into the end of the free, limitless service users knew and loved.

Basically, new free users of Spotify will be able to listen to music at no cost for six months only. After that, they will become limited to listening to just 10 hours of free music per month.

People are up in arms over this. It is understandable – who wouldn’t become all angry if he had to begin paying for something he previously had for free? Yet, once one begins putting two and two together it is easy to understand why did this happen.

Spotify is yet to launch in the US, and such a thing is not happening until the company shows that it is going to adopt a resolute anti-piracy stance. By limiting the access that people have to content for free, it is doing exactly that.

And Spotify badly needs to launch there. Right now, the company is losing big money. In the year 2009 alone it lost almost $ 27 million. If it doesn’t become profitable soon, then it’s joining Napster and Limewire in the grave of oblivion. Limiting the time people can listen to music for free will no doubt be the first of many measures to make the service more suitable for an American launch.

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mike May 18, 2011 at 4:48 am

The whole point of Spotify is that it is free music. If I wanted to pay for music I’d just download the tracks.

By limiting the music free accounts can listen to, Spotify are just shooting themselves in the foot.

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