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Name: GigValley

I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for rock & roll biographies. I mean, up to today every single one I’ve read (from Dave Marsh’s “Before I Get Old” to Chris Twomey’s “Chalkhills And Children”) devoted a copious amount of pages to how the band members met, and how they fought against all odds to pinch a record deal.

But today, social networking sites have everybody rocking to a very, very different beat. The trials and tribulations musicians used to go through (and that we read about time and again on bios) are going to disappear for good.

Trying to get a band together? A couple of posts on Facebook will get you started, and in 8 out of 10 cases take you more than halfway through.

Looking for a way to contact some record execs or A & R men directly? A handful of updates on Twitter might just put you face to face with the right industry names.

And a visit to a site like this one is going to get you ahead even faster than that.

GigValley is like Facebook, but only that the site is aimed at musicians. Here, they can promote their art by uploading media, and by spreading the word about any upcoming gig. That is an integral part of the site, actually – the idea is to let bands find both a readier audience and receptive industry types to pursue working relationships with.

This can make a radical difference in the careers of musicians. They can save time and stamina they can effectively apply somewhere else. Their lives will become so much easier.

And that’s what really matters, I guess. If band bios become a little less exciting, then so be it. The trade-off is definitely worth it.

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  1. Looking for an established band or musicians wanting to start a band in the Northern Connecticut area. Interests include, Southern Rock, Rhythm & Blues, and both Old and Newer Country and Country Rock. I am 56 years of age, been playing since I was 11, have done studio work as well as nightclubs and major touring schedules. I also play some keyboards, drums and can do both lead and background vocals. Respond thru website if interested or know anyone who is. Thanks!

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