GigValley – Like Facebook, But Only For Bands


Name: GigValley

I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for rock & roll biographies. I mean, up to today every single one I’ve read (from Dave Marsh’s “Before I Get Old” to Chris Twomey’s “Chalkhills And Children”) devoted a copious amount of pages to how the band members met, and how they fought against all odds to pinch a record deal.

But today, social networking sites have everybody rocking to a very, very different beat. The trials and tribulations musicians used to go through (and that we read about time and again on bios) are going to disappear for good.

Trying to get a band together? A couple of posts on Facebook will get you started, and in 8 out of 10 cases take you more than halfway through.

Looking for a way to contact some record execs or A & R men directly? A handful of updates on Twitter might just put you face to face with the right industry names.

And a visit to a site like this one is going to get you ahead even faster than that. Continue reading

Flashbck – Reliving Gigs & Festivals

FlashbckName: Flashbck

Flashbck is a new service that lets people relive all the gigs and festivals they have attended. On the site, people can upload all their videos and pictures in order to let others see the shows that they have been to right through their eyes

Images are used to create something comparable to a slideshow that can be shared with all your friends. If they wanted to attend the gig and they couldn’t make it, they will be getting the story straight from you. And if they did manage to attend it, then they will be able to add their own insights and images to what you have uploaded. And being able to tag friends just adds to the sheer fun of it all.

Plus, the ability to start following both your favorite bands and venues will give you the chance to learn about upcoming shows the minute they are announced. Continue reading

RockMy Events – Putting Gigs & Events On The Map


Name: RockMy Events


Traditionally, it was always possible to miss on this or the other artist when he or she came to town, even if you were a big fan of music in general. And I am talking about “established” artists. Now, if we were to move into Indie music it was always even harder to know what was going on unless you had some kind of direct connection with the band, or were in their (very) close geographical vicinity.

That is a thing of the past. Now things are far, far removed from that context. I dare say we have gone from one extreme to the other, as services like Twitter ensure that we have access to so much information that picking out which gig to attend can take longer than it took Pete Townshend to present “Lifehouse” to the world as he had originally intended it. Continue reading

MyMusicCircle – An Online Social Marketplace For Music Professionals


Name: myMusicCircle


This is a brand new music site that I caught wind up of today. To be frank, I think it really has what it takes to make it into the big time. Basically, it is a sort of marketplace for musicians and for every person who can be considered a music professional such as sound mixers, producers and also managers. The ones who register create profile pages that showcase their skills, and they can be contacted by people looking for services like the ones they render. On the other hand, people can post their very own projects on the site and have their pick from the offers that will start rolling in. Continue reading