GoMix – Remix & Share Songs By Your Favorite Artists


Name: GoMix
URL: http://www.gomix.com

It happens to all of us, no matter how musically proficient we are – when we listen to a song we complain about the voice coming in too low, the guitar coming in too soft, the drums sounding like tin biscuits… It is basic nature, in the same way we claim that we could give the current coach of this or the other team a good run for his money, or that we could be in charge of any given company and do more good than the actual person who stands as its chairman.

But can we? As far as music is concerned, now it looks like we can indeed. GoMix is a brand new site that will let you take songs and remix them yourself, without the need to download anything in order to get going. A browser-based editor is used, and you can cut and paste everything and then start readjusting it.

Obviously, this will not work just for any song you want. The artist has to be part of the list of featured ones – a list that includes Placebo, Superpowerless, Pixie Lott and The Pet Shop Boys to name just four.

GoMix is one of the startups that will be featured at the MidemNet Lab event. As you know, I am making an effort to cover as many of these as possible if only because I think they are all quite groundbreaking.

In the case of GoMix, it brings a functionality that previously only those who had advanced equipment at hand could unleash. I also feel it opens up new possibilities both for record labels and musicians – it is a truly interesting new way for engaging listeners. Competitions can be held by artists and their labels, and that will be implemented easier than ever now that the social web is in everybody’s lips.

I obviously would like to see more “classic” artists featured, but I think that is just a matter of time. For the time being, having The Pet Shop boys along for the ride is quite a feat.