– Create Music Clips Using YouTube Videos



Mashing up online videos is the order of the day here. is a service that lets you take different clips as found on YouTube, and then have them mixed in order to create something unique. You can choose up to six different YouTube videos, and use them to create a single track. And you can also record yourself, and add sounds to what you’re mashing up.

The end result will obviously depend on how much time and effort you’ve put into the edition of what you’ve created, but even if you’re in a bit of a hurry you’ll still be able to come up with something to make your Facebook friends laugh a little. And in any case, there’s no 1000-page treatise defining what memes are made up of. You never know what might end up happening to a video you’ve created on a whim, just as a way to humor a good friend… is a free service, and you can start using it just by authenticating who you are via Facebook. Once your mixes are ready, then they can be spread in all the usual ways – email, Twitter, Facebook, Megaupload…

Wait a mo…

Forget that last name.

(Sobs and sighs)

Paul McCartney Shares His Music Library With Everybody For Free

Now Everybody Can Access Paul McCartney's Own Music Collection

Terrific news for Macca fans. The legendary musician has launched a music sharing site that lets his fans immerse themselves in his own personal collection. All of Paul’s music and media has been digitized (that’s five decades worth of data), and folks like you and me can listen to all the rare records he’s collected over the years, and both watch videos and view photos that only people close to Paul had access to until now. Check it out here.

The site details McCartney’s post-Beatles career in exhaustive detail. Minute information on all the concerts McCarney has ever played is provided, and you’ll also get to see all the albums any song of Paul has been included in. And links to buy them all are available, of course.

Need more? OK, what about the live studio feature that lets you remix Paul’s song? You can do that for free, and then (if you feel the results are particularly glorious) have them shared on the site for everybody else to remember that Paul is not dead.

And those of you who with the money to spend can buy a premium membership, and create playlists with your own songs. You can actually have them streamed on Macca’s own radio. Continue reading

MyDjSpace – Where DJs Promote Their Mixes

Name: MyDjSpace

A niche social service, you can guess exactly what kind of public MyDjSpace is aiming at. Yes, that’s right: DJs, and people who consume electronic music regularly. The former are given a splendid chance to promote their own work online, while the latter are enabled to catch wind of the latest sounds well before they become part of the mainstream.

The music that is featured on this website is split in three main categories: “DJ Mix Charts”, “Track Charts” and “Remix Charts”. And there’s also a section in which featured artists are spotlighted, one by one.

That is, those who want to promote their music right on the homepage of MyDjSpace can do so by buying credits, and have their mixes placed right where everybody can see them. If your profile hits seem to be falling like leaves in autumn, this feature should be all you need in order to start setting thing to right. Continue reading

REM Lets Fans Remix And Share The Song “It Happened Today” From “Collapse Into Now” (Its Upcoming Album)

“Collapse Into Now” Is Going To Be REM’s Fifteenth Album Of Original Compositions

“Collapse Into Now” Is Going To Be REM’s Fifteenth Album Of Original Compositions

When people talk about Internet artists, they often fail to see beyond the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber – artists whose careers have been clearly shaped and/or established through sites like YouTube and Facebook. To them, a band like REM hardly factors into the equation. But that is about to change…

The fathers of alt rock are to release a new album (“Collapse Into Now”) in one month’s time. And in order to start putting it on the map, they have come with quite an interesting scheme.

Basically, fans can remix the track “It Happened Today” and upload their own work to the Internet for others to listen. The remixing itself is done using Garageband (the music mixing software that all new Macs come with), and the files are uploaded to SoundCloud under a Creative Commons license.

Results range from the tuneful to the bizarre.

The one question, now, is how far can this be taken? Is there coming a day in which bands will let fans remix whole albums and have them shared? You can let us know which side you are on by leaving a comment below…

Remix Subterranean Homesick Blues And Win A Trip To South by Southwest

Now It’s Your Chance To Remix Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic And Win A Trip To South By Southwest In The Process.

Now It’s Your Chance To Remix Bob Dylan’s Timeless Classic And Win A Trip To South By Southwest In The Process.

This is the day for fans of the gnomic singer/songwriter that also happen to love technology. Sony is currently holding an open competition in which people are invited to remix Dylan’s seminal ‘60s track, “Subterranean Homesick Blue”. The prize? A trip to South By Southwest in Austin next March.

The actual remixing process is done entirely online. A neat interface will let you take Dylan’s vocals along with all the individual instruments, and have your own way with them. And those who are skilled enough will be able to record themselves and bring what they see fit into the mix.

As long as Elvis Costello doesn’t show up and decides to write “Pump It Up Pt. 2”, it should be a very even and enjoyable competition for everybody…

A New Version Of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” Goes Viral

A Remix Of Justin Bieber's "U Smile" Has Ended Up Giving An Unknown Producer A Lot Of Notoriety

A Dirge-like Remix Of Justin Bieber's "U Smile" Has Ended Up Giving An Unknown Producer A Lot Of Notoriety

It’s amazing, but a producer who was fooling around with a song by the Canadian teen star has actually ended up with a viral hit in his hands.

The song in question is “U Smile”, and it has been slowed down beyond all belief (800 %, in fact). You can listen to it below, on the Soundcloud profile of the remixer (an aspiring producer named Nick Pittsinger)

Anyway, this is the song. Again – the amount of plays it has garnered is nothing short of breathtaking.

10 Best Viral Video Remixes on YouTube (Part 2)

This is the second part of the feature that I started yesterday. The first part included classics like “Charlie Bit Me” and “This Is Sparta!” being turned into songs. Now, get ready to enjoy other gems like the timeless “Leave Britney Alone!”  and “Bacon is Good For Me”.

6– Leave Britney Alone!

7– Bill O’Reilly Flips Out

8– Bacon Is Good For Me

9– Weezer  – Pork And Beans

10– Double Rainbow

10 Best Viral Video Remixes on YouTube (Part 1)

What happens to a meme when it can’t go any higher? Easy: it gets remixed into a music video.

This is a list of the 10 most popular videos on YouTube that have undergone that treatment. Chances are you will already be familiar with about 9 out of 10 of them in their original incarnations. Hopefully, these remixes will make you smile like the first time you saw them.

1 – Nintendo 64

2 – Charlie Bit Me

3 – David After Dentist

4 – This Is Sparta

5 – Leeroy Jenkins

Continue reading Part 2 of this feature. – For The DJ In Everybody


Name: Tony-b Machine

Every rock & roller has got a bit of a shady past that hangs like a sword of Damocles over his head. I am no exception. Before listening to The Who, before listening to Oasis, before listening to The Sex Pistols… can you ever dare to guess which artist I intently listened to?

DJ Bobo.

Those of you who are still reading (and who haven’t wiped MusicKO from their bookmarks after such debilitating news) would be less shocked when you learn I was that keen on DJ Bobo only because my older brother (always a role model to me) was a rabid fan of electronic music. And you will feel relieved when I tell you that I never, ever lay a hand on his Ace Of Base and 2 Unlimited CDs.

[My brother from behind my back:] Hey, have you seen my copy of “The Sign”? Wait, here it is, what was it doing in your backpack??

Shit, man!! Keep quiet for a second, will you?!


Before it gets any worse I am telling you about this new app.

Named the Tony-b Machine, it will let you create your very own piece of electronic music. And the way you can get around doing that is dead clever (and entertaining, too). You simply pick the relevant effects (”Kick”, “Snare”, “Hi Hat” and “Cymbal”) and push the pertinent keys as you go along.

Tonyb Console

The results are actually very impressive, and one of the best bits is that you can proceed to save and upload them for everybody to listen to. Continue reading

GoMix – Remix & Share Songs By Your Favorite Artists


Name: GoMix

It happens to all of us, no matter how musically proficient we are – when we listen to a song we complain about the voice coming in too low, the guitar coming in too soft, the drums sounding like tin biscuits… It is basic nature, in the same way we claim that we could give the current coach of this or the other team a good run for his money, or that we could be in charge of any given company and do more good than the actual person who stands as its chairman.

But can we? As far as music is concerned, now it looks like we can indeed. GoMix is a brand new site that will let you take songs and remix them yourself, without the need to download anything in order to get going. A browser-based editor is used, and you can cut and paste everything and then start readjusting it. Continue reading