Jamendo – Where Music Is Shared For Free


Name: Jamendo
URL: http://www.jamendo.com

As a musician, you have the right to decide how people will experience your work. You might feel like charging for it, and you might feel like uploading it at no cost. Both options are equally valid to me. Just because you are asking a price it does not mean that you are a despot with dollar signs rolling in your eyes. And just because you are giving it away without charging anything it does not mean that you are giving it away for nothing. The exposure is worth more than anything in the long run. And if you agree with that, I think this site will appeal to you.

Named Jamendo, it is a resource where people who create music upload it in MP3 form and make these files available to anybody. That is, just any person can come in and download your file to his/her desktop. Users can also create and join groups, while their personal opinions are accounted for by letting them publish reviews.

Note that a “pro” version of the site is likewise available. It basically lets the user have a thorough control over performance rights, and it will be attractive to the ones looking for exposure and recognition at the same time.

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