SpotMeUp – Upload Your Music To Spotify

Name: SpotMeUp

The war between Spotify and Google Music rages on, and (by the looks of it) the European startup is the one that holds the upper hand. It’s not that Spotify has become a household name, but the last year’s been pretty spiffy for the music streaming service, what with a brilliant American launch and a partnership with Facebook. And web tools like SpotMeUp do nothing but keep the momentum going.

This new website has come along to answer the question of “How do I get my music on Spotify?” in the most direct way of all. SpotMeUp is an easy-to-use service that lets you upload your music to Spotify in the blink of an eye. Singles, EPs and full albums can all be uploaded equally fast. Upon creating a (free) account, you’ll be able to upload the files from your computer, one by one. Continue reading

iMusicTweet – Sharing Your Songs Through Twitter & Facebook Simultaneously


Name: iMusicTweet

I think we all will agree that sharing music using services like Facebook and Twitter is the most natural step in the evolution of the Social Web. After all, what good is connecting with everybody and telling them about what you do if you can’t show it to them at the same time?

The startup I am reviewing right now enables you do exactly that: spread both individual songs and full albums around, and the best thing might as well be that Twitter and Facebook alike are supported. The way it works is by letting you upload the song or playlist and having it played in your Twitter’s profile page, or streamed from your Facebook wall.

Best of all, you can make your songs both downloadable and embeddable. If you are looking for maximum exposure that is always useful, although I can’t help but wonder (and worry) a little about the copyright of what you are sharing when it is your own work what you are putting about. Continue reading

Feeder – Share Your Music On Facebook


Name: Feeder

I have already covered some services that let you share your music on Twitter, and now I feel it is only fair to have a look at the other side and see what can be done on Facebook, the mammoth of a social network that has had such an impact that a movie is going to be made about it. Starring Jesse Eisenberg (the guy from Zombieland) as Mark Zuckerberg and Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker (the one who co-founded Napster) it is either going to be highly enlightening or an absolute mishmash, but one thing is for certain: everybody is going to watch it.

So, as a way to highlight some music-sharing capabilities of the network I have chosen to cover some apps and tool. This is the first I will introduce you to. Named Feedr, it will let you take a song and have it automatically posted on your Facebook profile. This will be certainly interesting for those who want to promote their own work. Continue reading

Jamendo – Where Music Is Shared For Free


Name: Jamendo

As a musician, you have the right to decide how people will experience your work. You might feel like charging for it, and you might feel like uploading it at no cost. Both options are equally valid to me. Just because you are asking a price it does not mean that you are a despot with dollar signs rolling in your eyes. And just because you are giving it away without charging anything it does not mean that you are giving it away for nothing. The exposure is worth more than anything in the long run. And if you agree with that, I think this site will appeal to you. Continue reading – Sharing Music With Everybody On Twitter



Services for posting your music to Twitter are proliferating, and I think that is something that was to be expected. It has recently been reported by sites like Mashable and TechCrunch that Twitter’s stateside growth has somehow stopped, yet its numbers for international growth have begun showing some interesting patterns. I have already covered a service for tweeting out music, and another one won’t hurt given that this might as well be the year when Twitter will make headlines in every country in the world. is a characteristic Twitter site even its name, which is short and abbreviated keeping in with the “micro” concept that defines the social sharing platform. The way you use it is easy enough, as all you have to do is login using both your Twitter username and your pass. Once you are in, you have to carry a search based on an artist’s name and the song you want to listen. A preview will be generated, and after listening to it you can generate a track page. This is what you will tweet to all your friends. Continue reading

Tweet My Song – Share & Promote Your Music Using Twitter

Tweet My Song

Name: Tweet My Song

As everybody knows, Twitter is a messaging platform that lets people connect instantly via short messages that go by the name of “tweets”. Since it has an incredible flexible API, a lot of apps see release on a daily basis. This particular one caught my fancy since it is 100 % geared towards musicians.

As you can guess by glancing at its name, it will let you share your own music with everybody using Twitter. That is, you upload your song as an attachment to your tweet and then send both (the tune and the message) out at the same time. It is even possible to upload you own artwork, and once the message is out you are provided with a tracking tool to see who downloaded your song and so on. Continue reading