PumpYouUp – Free Indie Electronic Music

Name: PumpYouUp
URL: http://www.pumpyouup.com

Visit PumpYouUp.com when you’re in the mood for some music to rock your body to. This new site’s devoted to free electronica, trance, dubstep and techno. In all cases, we’re talking about quality selections, handpicked by the site’s creators. The idea is to include songs that aren’t too long for their own good, and which aren’t that weird either.

So, songs can be searched used a dead-simple interface. This lets you have songs found without having to sign up for an account or anything like that. It’s all done on the fly.

And you’ll get to download the songs that you find straight on PumpYouUp.com, too. You won’t have to follow a weird link to one of these download sites that prompt you to wait for fifteen minutes and then type two words in Klingon just to get your file.

So, this website gives you free and easy access to quality music. No more songs that sound as if they have been recorded in the kitchen’s floor, no more broken links, no more illegal copies that are incomplete… If you’re fond of electronic music (or if you think you could become fond of it), a site like this one should keep you going for quite some time.