“El Piso Se Va A Manchar”, The Newest Video By Vincent Vega

by Emilio Pérez Miguel on November 25, 2011

Following a major cosmic alignment and a launch party after which every day was like Sunday, Vincent Vega has released its newest video clip. It’s for the song “El Piso Se Va A Manchar” [The Floor’s Gonna Get Splattered], one of the better compositions from their debut album, and a live staple.

The video for “El Piso Se Va A Manchar” uses live-action footage which has been rotoscoped to produce an animated look (a bit like A-ha’s breakthrough video, “Take On Me”). It details a couple’s split, with Matías and Mauricio seen playing in the background as the events are unfolding.

The clip has been directed by María Noel Silvera and Sebastián González Majo.

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