RecooME – In Search Of The Ultimate Playlists

Name: RecooME

We all know the place to look for playlists online is, but those who want to try something a little bit different are well-advised to give this website a try.

RecooME is a social network for the sharing of music and songs. Here, people can recommend these songs they can’t get out of their heads. And these recommendations are what give this site its edge, as people not only follow each other around and see what they are listening to, but also rate what others have shared.

The objective of all this sharing and rating is to eventually let people figure out which the best songs within any given genre are. The idea is that the playlists arrived at on RecooME are nothing but a vivid snapshot of the tastes of people at the moment in time they were created.

And since everybody can have their say, playlists will also be completely fair and democratic. So, if Justin Bieber ends up reigning supreme a pop playlist we (as the users of the site) will be the sole perpetrators of such a crime against the cosmic rationale. And if a band like Zeppelin or The Who tops a rock playlist, then we will be able to let out an audible  sigh of relief. Not everything is lost…