RecooME – In Search Of The Ultimate Playlists

Name: RecooME

We all know the place to look for playlists online is, but those who want to try something a little bit different are well-advised to give this website a try.

RecooME is a social network for the sharing of music and songs. Here, people can recommend these songs they can’t get out of their heads. And these recommendations are what give this site its edge, as people not only follow each other around and see what they are listening to, but also rate what others have shared.

The objective of all this sharing and rating is to eventually let people figure out which the best songs within any given genre are. The idea is that the playlists arrived at on RecooME are nothing but a vivid snapshot of the tastes of people at the moment in time they were created. Continue reading

Myna Music – Discover Music Through Music

MynaMusicName: Myna Music

The music recommendation services that we have today invariably revolve around one thing: metadata keywords. And one has to wonder, is it really so difficult to come up with something that little more intelligent? Something that doesn’t necessitate us type word after word describing what we are looking for, or individualizing several different songs for an automated system to produce results that might be completely off the target.

That is what this new service aims to revolutionize. It is named Myna, and it basically lets you discover new music to listen to by having songs that you like played and analyzed using a proprietary system.

In their own words:

“Myna listens to and comprehends music directly, making it possible to search based on mood, sound, or texture or autonomously generate highly-personalized music playlists — all without metatags.” Continue reading

YouTube Now Features A Recommendation Engine For Music Videos

As many of you probably noticed, YouTube’s music page has been overhauled, and a key feature has been added: a recommendation engine for music videos based both on your settings, preferences and these clips that your friends are sharing.

In practice, this turns YouTube into a tool for discovery that makes me think a lot of the days in which MTV actually played music.

Such a move was long due in the face of competing services such as The Hype Machine and Pandora, and it was somehow announced just a couple of weeks ago with the release of LeanBack (a service for discovering videos based on what your friends are watching). Continue reading

Spotiseek – For Spotify Users Looking For New Artists To Try


Name: Spotiseek

I am sure that those of you who live in Europe are more than familiar with the peer-to-peer service known as Spotify. It is a streaming service that lets you listen to artists both new and old in a legal way, as record companies have granted permission for each track to be featured.

This website aims to let Spotify users have a more enjoyable time around. Using it, they can find artists that are meant to match their tastes. Once they have found a couple of similar artists, they can create a mixtape including these new bands and share them with friends.  Continue reading

Filtersage – Find Related Music Releases & Movies Socially

FiltersageName. Filtersage


Quite an ingenious site, this one will appeal not only to music lovers but also to film buffs everywhere. What it does is to compare and contrast music and movie releases then and now, and let you: A) Find the connection through pieces all through history, and B) Find similar or related releases to the ones you are keen on today.

The site involves the asking and answering of questions in order to build up a database. This database is then used for directing other members of the online community towards similar releases they could enjoy. Continue reading