– Turn Your Music Tweets Into A Live Broadcast

URL: is here to stack the odds higher than ever before as far as sharing music on Twitter goes. Users of this service (which was originally launched as can have all their music-related tweets turned into a live broadcast that everybody else can tune into. manages to do that by matching all the artists and songs that people are tweeting about to the YouTube videos that go with these. And using the service itself is kept really simple, as all one should do is to include a music-related hashtag (#nowPlaying) for tweets and videos to be matched. also takes care of creating an individual channel for each and every user of the service. That’s done automatically, just by tweeting anything with the relvant hashtag (IE, #nowPlaying) the user will have a channel built up for him, fashioned after his Twitter ID (EG, By sharing this unique URL around, the user can let other sample all these songs he has ever tweeted about since he took the service up.

In this way, can turn anybody’s music tweets into a live video broadcast by bringing songs and YouTube videos under the same roof.

And I must also mention that those of you who sign up for your very own accounts will be able to customize the hashtags you are actually using to have tweets and videos coupled. So, you can keep everything as short and snappy as it’s your wont.