PlaylistHQ – Create Playlists For Upcoming Concerts

Name: PlaylistHQ

PlaylistHQ is a simple but slick web tool that lets you create playlists for any concert that’s coming up soon, and that you plan to attend. You can create them, and then you can have them shared with all the music nuts that you’ve befriended on Facebook. What better way to convince them that missing any upcoming concert would be a mistake they’ll live to regret forever and ever? What better way to ensure you won’t have to attend a concert on your own, and be unable to go to the bathroom because someone will take your place?

PlaylistHQ uses the Spotify API to get all its data, and once they’ve been created playlists can be searched both by location and by Songkick username.

When having concerts displayed by location, the site lets you view a calendar with all the concerts that will be held right where you live. Or where you would love to live. If you have got an incurable fixation with London, you can see all the shows to be played there as the month runs its course. And then go cry in the corner for having been born on the bayou.

If there’s something to be said about the site, is that it’s decidedly minimalist.
But not that such a thing is a bad thing, of course. Just look at Andy Summers. See how far he got? The guy’s the embodiment of success! Revered by guitarist young and old! A paragon of musical expressivity! (Checks the “Synchronicity” album)... shit, he was the one who wrote and sang “Mother”. Dammit. Next time, I’ll be more careful with the examples I choose… – Turn Your Music Tweets Into A Live Broadcast

URL: is here to stack the odds higher than ever before as far as sharing music on Twitter goes. Users of this service (which was originally launched as can have all their music-related tweets turned into a live broadcast that everybody else can tune into. manages to do that by matching all the artists and songs that people are tweeting about to the YouTube videos that go with these. And using the service itself is kept really simple, as all one should do is to include a music-related hashtag (#nowPlaying) for tweets and videos to be matched. Continue reading

The Most Shared Playlists On Spotify

Now that Spotify is firmly established on American soil, it’s time to see exactly the kind of music that people are not only listening to but also sharing through it.

This infograph (from sheds some light on that subject. It basically highlights these songs that have been featured on the largest number of Spotify playlists so far.

Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” is on top with a whooping 7567 total shares. And the second and third place are taken by “Like A G6” (Far East Movement) and “Sexy Bitch” (David Guetta and Akon).

MPlayr – Listen To Music Charts On Your Browser

Name: MPlayr

MPlayr is one of the best ways to stay abreast of what is being played on some of the most representative music charts the world over. On this site, you can tune into the US and the UK music charts, and learn what sounds are trending there. And I mean it – the site lets you do more than just read a list of songs ranking in either territory, it actually lets you listen to them online. That can be done directly on your browser. You won’t have to download anything, and you won’t have to pay anything either.

What’s more, the site has a chart devoted to iTunes. Again – you can see what’s hot in there, and listen to it straight in your browser.

Other meritorious aspects of MPlayr include letting people look up both new and old songs and have them played on the fly, and letting users create playlists they can then share with all their friends on Facebook (the one service which is used for signing in). Continue reading – Music To Listen To While Running, Walking & Cycling

URL: is a site where you can get music to listen to while you are exercising. So far, three different activities are supported: running, walking and cycling. In all three cases, music is found simply by specifying your actual kilometer time for to come up with a suitable playlist.

Alternatively, you can browse through these playlists that other people have favorited and download the ones which are more popular directly.

And in addition to providing you with music to enliven your trots up and down the city, the site features a route planning application. This will let you add points one by one until you have devised a route that will test your endurance to the limit. Or (if you are a bit like me) one that will take you through all the trendiest spots in town. As long as you are exercising as intended, I suppose that it makes no difference, right?

Right? – Create & Share Playlists For Every Mood You’re In


Name: DAOmusic

The potential a song has for catharsis only goes so far. It all becomes limp after a while. That is, “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” can’t be your break-up song for ever. Notwithstanding how excellent any song is, if you listen to it for ages it just stops gelling.

I’m sure you agree with that. And I’m also sure you wonder just where to go in order to find fresh songs to fill the air with. Well, this new site might just provide you with all you need to reach the height of ecstasy, or hit the deepest recesses of pathos.

DAOmusic is a website where you can create playlists reflecting your every mood, and share them with friends and strangers alike.

These are some examples of playlists currently found on the site: “I’m under my guilt”, “I’m walking in the garden leisurely”, “Super Mario Bros Forever!”… Songs for just every occasion can be found here.

This site is usable for free, and if you have a Google, Facebook or Twitter account then you already have a DAOmusic account.

Oh, and if you see a playlist named “The 10 Who songs that make me play air drums maniacally every time” then you needn’t ask who has created it…

MegaBox – A Familiar Service Now Goes The Musical Way


Name: MegaBox

Who hasn’t shared a file through MegaUpload at least once in his lifetime? The service is up there with RapidShare as one of the premier destinations for sending and receiving data. It is also a good platform for the streaming of clips, as any person who has ever tried MegaVideo can tell you. And now, it s also becoming a destination for those who want to listen to music on the WWW. MegaBox sees to that. It is a service that makes both for streaming music when you are online, and for buying it on the spot (a la iTunes).

What’s more, users of MegaBox are allowed to upload their entire music collections to the cloud, and listening to all their selections from wherever they are. So long for visiting YouTube in order to listen to that song which has somehow become nestled in your head overnight.

MegaBox has been released at the same time as MegaLive. That is a service for broadcasting what you are doing in real time using your webcam. By all reckonings, the Mega family is swelling ranks more than quickly… Will we see some illegitimate offspring along the way?

Venossi – Making The Discovery Of New Music Something Natural & Logical

VenossiName: Venossi

Venossi is a new site that has taken one of the best features offered by Facebook, and a feature that Facebook actually took from Twitter, so it is alright – a thief who robs a thief gets a hundred years of reprieve. I am speaking about the fabled news feed, something that has become an integral part of the way that we interact trough Facebook. Before the news feed was available, learning who had befriended who, or what your friends were talking about necessitated you checking their individual profiles. But now, we are all able to learn about that the moment we log in.

Well, take that concept and apply it to the music that others are listening. That is what Venossi is all about. It will enable you to see what songs your friends are playing, and also to read music-related conversations that they have been involved in as part of a feed that is constantly updated. Continue reading