Relisir – Never Miss A Music Release Again


Name: Relisir

Relisir is a notification service that keeps you posted on new music releases. The idea is that you sign up and provide a list of these artists that you are ecstatic about. You will then be notified when they issue anything. In that way, you can realize how many days your piggy still has to live and how fatter it must become to be of any real use.

And in case you have a ton of favorite bands, you will be glad to know you can actually import the list from your account and get the boring process of typing everything manually right out of the way.

The main notification method is e-mail, and as of the time of writing this review there are about 44,000 albums featured on the database. If you want to see all the new releases for any given month you can do so by merely clicking on the provided tab, and if you have a scoop you can add an album release to the list yourself.

The site also stands as a very good window of discovery since you can simply input any genre that you like and come across new artists to put to the test. You can also key in the name of the artist you think the world of and see which suggestions come about. Just for the record, I tried XTC and The Dukes Of Stratosphear were second on the list. Good.