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Name: New Releases Now!

The Internet makes it dead easy to discover new music, right as it’s become available. And the way things stand right now, you don’t even need to subscribe to lots of different sites to stay on the loop. There’s services that can do all the hard work for you. New Releases Now! (NRN) is one of these.
Presented by Almighty Music Marketing (a company that’s been devoted to the promotion of music ever since 1995), NRN is constantly updated with the latest music releases, and every imaginable genre is covered. Rock, pop, metal, punk, country, synth pop, cajun/zydeco, neo soul… All in all, over sixty different genres are included. And you can find more than music through this site, as NRN also keeps track of comedy albums.

The site features the most recent releases on its homepage, and you can find both the newest albums and songs using a simple search tool. And you’re also given the option to browse entries by genre and by release date. If it’s a new release, you’ll find it. In all cases, titles come with iTunes and Amazon “Buy” buttons, and a “Find A Retailer” widget that lets you locate the nearest points of sale. Continue reading

“Born This Way”, The Latest Video By Lady Gaga Premieres On Vevo

Born This Way Is The Fastest Selling Song To Have Hit The iTunes Store

Born This Way Is The Fastest Selling Song Ever On iTunes

The newest video by Lady Gaga has just premiered on Vevo, and if it doesn’t shake the ground from beneath Justin Bieber’s feet (her main online competitor) then nothing will. “Born This Way” is already the fastest-selling single on iTunes, and the video has been viewed over 7 million times.

The battle for online supremacy rages on and on…

MTV Announces A New Awards Show For Digital Content

The social media world is getting its very own awards show.

The social media world is getting its very own awards show.

Dermot McCormack (MTV’s executive vice president of digital media) has just announced the creation of a new awards show that will focus on digital content and social media alone. While its name is yet to be announced, we already know that it will take place in Spring of 2011, and that audience participation will be its defining elemen.

As opposed to the music and movie awards we all have grown to know, this new show will take place entirely online. Social conversation will keep the whole thing together, and the audience itself will be responsible for picking the winners for each category.

MTV has yet to announce the exact awards that will be doled out, but it is not much of a stretch to think of categories such as “Best Music Applications” and “Best Music-related Moments In Social Media” (such as this one) being included.

MTV Releases The Music Meter

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Tool For The Discovery Of New Artists

Presented By MTV, The Music Meter Is A Resource For The Discovery Of New Artists

The days in which the popularity of music was measured by how many albums were shifted are not just extinct, they are actually fossilized. Nowadays, the popularity of any piece is judged based on a plethora of factors. The number of views on YouTube is one of these, and so is how frequently the song is streamed on sites like Spotify and

MTV has just released a new site in which all these variables are taken into account, and used to create a chart in which the online buzz around musicians is fully reflected. This chart goes by the name of The Music Meter, and it is updated daily. And learning more about the artists who get featured there is really easy, since tweets and bios are accessed at a click. So, getting acquainted with any performer that you discover through the chart is simplified to no end. Continue reading

“Much Too Soon” (A New Song By Michael Jackson) Is Made Public

“Much Too Soon” Is The Third New Song To Have Been Made Public From Michael Jackson’s Upcoming Posthumous Album

“Much Too Soon” Is The Third Song To Have Been Made Public From Michael Jackson’s Upcoming Posthumous Album

A new song from the King of Pop’s posthumous release (to be titled “Michael”) has just been made available to the public. It is named “Much Too Soon”, and it has had a warmer reception than the last one, “Breaking News”. It was not that “Breaking News” was panned in terms of quality – it was its veracity that was disputed. Fans, critics and Jackson’s family all argued vociferously that it wasn’t Michael singing, but an impersonator.

Luckily for Epic Records, “Much Too Soon” received no such unwanted criticisms. Continue reading

David Trejo (Mixest) – Interview


I am sure you all remember Mixest, a website I reviewed last month that let you discover new indie bands in a very easy and smooth way. I really liked the site, so I am very glad (not to mention thankful) for having had the chance to interview David Trejo, one of its creators.

Here you have the conversation in full.

Tell us a little about your startup. Why focus on indie bands only? What do you see in them that you don’t see elsewhere?

Mixest isn’t really a startup. We’re a bunch of friends who banded together to create what we hope is a great listening experience. We enjoy Indie music and wanted a way to discover the latest music with ease. Indie musicians are particularly interested in reaching listeners and spreading pleasure with their music, and we’d like to help them do that.

What are Mixest’s most distinctive features in your opinion? In which ways is it an improvement over other sites that let you find and listen to indie music?

Mixest is about the music and the joy of the listener and nothing else. We streamline the music discovery process—no need to waste time setting up an account. Just go to our and listen to music. You don’t even have to hit ‘play.’ It just works.

What was the original launch date?

We first announced our service on July 2nd.

What has been the response so far? In which countries has it been more successful?

We’ve had an extremely positive response so far. The feedback we’ve received so far has helped us improve and yet stay true to our values. We have listeners from all over the globe, and but we’ve gained the largest followings in North America. Continue reading

Venossi – Making The Discovery Of New Music Something Natural & Logical

VenossiName: Venossi

Venossi is a new site that has taken one of the best features offered by Facebook, and a feature that Facebook actually took from Twitter, so it is alright – a thief who robs a thief gets a hundred years of reprieve. I am speaking about the fabled news feed, something that has become an integral part of the way that we interact trough Facebook. Before the news feed was available, learning who had befriended who, or what your friends were talking about necessitated you checking their individual profiles. But now, we are all able to learn about that the moment we log in.

Well, take that concept and apply it to the music that others are listening. That is what Venossi is all about. It will enable you to see what songs your friends are playing, and also to read music-related conversations that they have been involved in as part of a feed that is constantly updated. Continue reading

Vevo Adds A Channel For The Promotion Of New Artists

As one could have guessed from the latest figures that were released, the growth of Vevo is not stopping anytime soon. Last week saw the addition of a new channel, and one that could modify the way people experience the video platform for the better.

Named “The Next Wave presented by Schick Hydro”, the channel is basically a showcase for new talent. Unfortunately, not every kind of new artist could be featured there – only those who are signed to any of the three record companies that have partnered with YouTube (remember, Vevo is a joint venture comprising Google, Universal, Sony and investor Abu Dhabi Media Company) have a chance to be spotlighted .

The idea is clearly to give these artists that have already been signed a chance to become a new sensation to rival others like Lady Gaga (who is responsible for the bulk of visits Vevo has every month). Continue reading

Songr – Finding New Music To Try In A Social Context

SongrName: Songr

Songr is a social site for the discovery of new music. The way it operates is by having people submit these songs that they are listening to in real-time. A ranking with these tunes is there and then created. The songs can be voted up and down (like any social service that aggregates content such as Delicious or Digg), and the ones that are met more effusively end up topping the list for each respective genre.

The featured genres, by the way, are quite representative of the tastes of the general public. You have “Rock” and “Pop” along with “Metal” and “Rap”, and a couple more like “Country”, “Jazz” and “World” are thrown in for good measure. These will be enough for the site to get going, but as a fan of Anime and Japanese music I wish there were at least a J-Pop genre available. I hope that is implemented in due time. Continue reading

Relisir – Never Miss A Music Release Again


Name: Relisir

Relisir is a notification service that keeps you posted on new music releases. The idea is that you sign up and provide a list of these artists that you are ecstatic about. You will then be notified when they issue anything. In that way, you can realize how many days your piggy still has to live and how fatter it must become to be of any real use.

And in case you have a ton of favorite bands, you will be glad to know you can actually import the list from your account and get the boring process of typing everything manually right out of the way. Continue reading