Restorm – Letting Bands License And Sell Their Music

Name: Restorm

Restorm is here to answer the prayers of all these bands that have had it with paying exorbitant fees to license their music online. This new platform has been created to put an end to that, and to allow musicians to license (and sell) their music to anybody, paying the lowest possible commission (only 10%).

Registration to this service is free, and bands can have their music and data imported from any other service they might already be using, so a profile is created in a flash. Oh, and the process can be sped up even more since one can sign in using his already existing Facebook profile.

Plus, bands can promote what they do by getting and using any of the widgets that are available – they can embed their complete profiles on their homepages, on Facebook, on these blogs they follow…

And Restorm is as much of a music platform for musicians as it is for venue managers and label owners. The inclusion of booking tools makes it easy for venues and performers to agree on dates, and supporting acts can be found by creating competitions. And fans are actually allowed to vote on these competitions, so that’s a sure a sure way to get everybody interested from day one.