Wilco Crowdsources Fan Videos For Its US Tour

Wilco Is Touring The US & Europe In Support Of Its Eight Album, "The Whole Love". And YOU Can Be Part Of It All.

Wilco is currently touring the United States, and the band has taken a novel approach for bringing its shows to life.

The Illinois-based alternative rockers are asking fans to submit videos of all the cities they’re going to tour. The idea is that these will be projected behind the band when its playing live.

These videos can be uploaded to the band’s Vimeo page (Wilco Fan Video Project), and the band is specifically interested in “footage of settings and places that really say something about the area, its people and/or history, geography, whatever.” Wilco is on the road in support of its eighth studio album, “The Whole Love”.

This is similar to something LCD Soundsystem did recently, when the band asked fans to upload footage of clouds shot from airplane windows to use as the backdrop of its final show at Madison Square Garden.

Restorm – Letting Bands License And Sell Their Music

Name: Restorm
URL: http://www.restorm.com

Restorm is here to answer the prayers of all these bands that have had it with paying exorbitant fees to license their music online. This new platform has been created to put an end to that, and to allow musicians to license (and sell) their music to anybody, paying the lowest possible commission (only 10%).

Registration to this service is free, and bands can have their music and data imported from any other service they might already be using, so a profile is created in a flash. Oh, and the process can be sped up even more since one can sign in using his already existing Facebook profile. Continue reading

We Love Your Songs – A New Social Network For Bands And Fans


Name: We Love Your Songs
URL: http://www.weloveyoursongs.com

We Love Your Songs is one of these community sites for new musicians that I have reviewed before, and that I will keep on reviewing until the end. I mean, such resources are terrific – young performers get a chance to nurture their talent, and fans get a chance to become familiarized with the ones who might as well become tomorrow’s stars today, when they were mostly unknown numbers. Plus, those who support a band locally get a chance to show their allegiance online more than easily

As in any other social site, users (IE bands and punters) have to sign up for their own accounts to interact among themselves. Once accounts have been created, it is very easy to upload media, and interact one-to-one both by commenting on what’s being shared.

And in order to elicit the best from bands (and to encourage fans to become even more involved) lots of different competitions are held on the site. Continue reading

Fans Forever And Ever – Build A Creepy Fanpage For The Band You Love


Name: Fans Forever And Ever
URL: http://fansforeverandever.com

Fans Forever And Ever is a new service that was created on the recent Music Hack Day in New York. What it does is to let you generate a fanpage for any band you could think of. “Big deal”, I hear you say. “I can get myself a blog and do that any old day”.

Well, the thing with Fans Forever And Ever is that it can come up with fanpages resembling those that Geocities let people create back in the day. These look completely out of place today (Yahoo pulled the plug on Geocities last year), and such pages have a truly obsessive feel to them.

They feature archaic designs, and they are generated just by supplying the name of the band in question, and they include lyrics, pictures, poems and the kind of content only those that go through their idols’ garbage would include on a fanpage.

Don’t believe it? Well, just to settle the discussion of how creepy a page created through this service can be, I’ll tell you what happened when I tried it.

I used this service to create three independent Who fanpages.

And in all three cases, the lyric that was automatically highlighted was no other than “Uncle Ernie”.

Believe me, folks… a Who fanpage can’t get any gloomier.

the who fanpage uncle ernie

Fanity – Follow Your Favorite Artists


Name: Fanity
URL: http://www.fanity.com

The day we realized that social sites were a context in which proximity with celebrities and musicians was almost guaranteed, then that was the day they began being on the map for most of us.

The problem is that by now just too much takes place on Facebook. You might “like” your favorite artist, and still miss on his updates. If you have more than 150 friends (the number of friends that ensures full interactions with everybody according to social media experts) then you take for granted that there are things you are going to miss.

Or will you? Meet Fanity, a web service for subscribing to news by your favorite artists, and have them displayed on a stream of their own.

Using Fanity will free you from having to filter your news feed manually. Just by becoming a fan of the artist in question you will have his latest news presented in such an unpolluted stream. Continue reading

JamsBio – Your Life Through Music


Name: JamsBio

URL: http://www.jamsbio.com

What would you say is the soundtrack to your life? Have you ever really taken a minute or two and thought about it? If you have never done that, this site will make you stop in your tracks and ponder on your musical past.

In essence, it is a community site that lets anybody share his music-related memories such as the first concert he attended, the first album he bought…. If you become a user you will be able to keep your own journal, write reviews of those pieces that have left a mark on you, and recommend them to other people who also visit the site. It is even possible to engage that people by creating lists and competing in music trivia games. Of course, that is a top way of creating bonds. Continue reading