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by Emilio Pérez Miguel on January 3, 2012

Name: ShareMyGuitar

Check this site out if your New Year resolutions included one that went “Learn to play the guitar like John Petrucci”. ShareMyGuitar is a social network that will let you see to that. The only people who use it are guitar enthusiasts. By signing up for an account, you’ll be able to share pictures and videos of your favorite guitars and players. You’ll get to read interviews and news. And you’ll also be able to create polls and post questions for more knowledgeable folks to come to the rescue.

Alternative guitar tunings, chord charts, rare tablatures… you can request (and get) all that through this site.

And when it comes to polls, you can ask whatever you want. You can ask who’s the best rhythm guitar player under the sun (pointless – everybody knows it’s Pete Townshend), what’s the most famous guitar in history (pointless – everybody knows it’s Lucille), who’s the hottest chick who’s ever played a guitar (pointless – everybody knows it’s Orianthi)… all these things you’ve always wanted to ask but kept to yourself can be elucidated here.

And a blog is also included, for you to learn even more about all that’s happening in Guitar Town. It’s got reviews of the latest guitars and gear, and tons of videos of people who play real badass solos.

Accounts can be created here, and they’re free. Just pick a picture that makes you look like fire could pour out of your hand, and get ready to connect with fellow six-string lovers.


Mickey January 4, 2012 at 5:16 am

Hey Emilio, thanks for the awesome review of our ShareMyGuitar! I really enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to many new members to share their guitar and ROCK the night away. Cheers!

Emilio January 8, 2012 at 6:12 am

Cheers to you, guys! Loved your site, hope it catches on!

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