Spreaker – Social Radio Come True


Name: Spreaker
URL: http://www.spreaker.com

Not every person with thoughts to share about his favorite artists will sit down and tend to a blog or a personal site. The thing is, there are not really that many other options, and none I can think of is as accessible as blogging.

Well, that is set to change thanks to a startup like Spreaker. We can call it a social web radio service. The site will empower just anybody to create his own radio and broadcast whenever he feels like doing it. There are no fees of any kind to be met, as both royalties and bandwidth expenses are covered by Spreaker.

This means that you can host your own talk show and (for example) invite people from you local music scene that you are in good terms with. You can also create a show devoted to your favorite band and play its songs left, right and center. Hint: if you tune in and catch a radio that plays The Who indiscriminately you know who is behind it.

And as a listener, you are given the chance to put together these shows that you tried and liked enough so as to give them a second try. A sort of radio stream is then achievable, and the true social element of this service becomes truly palpable – nothing would prevent you from sharing the link. And nothing would prevent those who receive it from modifying the stream as they see fit, too.

Those who adore music and who have a lot of time on their hands are going to have a field day. And if you thought that the song “This Is Radio Clash” was the coolest thing ever, then be prepared for some long, long nights ahead.